Trailer for the theatre show Maria Johansdotter

Music video for the Swedish folk music duo Anda, featuring Lina Sandells hymn Blott en dag (Day by day).

Music with a strong Scandinavian folk music touch for Sweden’s largest dairy producer Arla.

Music video from a theatre show by Teater Utopia. Traditional Serbian folk song. Performed with Emma Gustavsson. 

Guitar solo overdubbing from a scene in the rock-comedy feature film Dyke Hard by Bitte Andersson.

Music for info films by Bitte Andersson, made for the different faculties at the Stockholm University Collage of Arts. 

Scene from the feature documentary The right child by Mia Wright and Kristina Ahlinder. The music is composed by me and Daniel Fredriksson.

Guitar medley made for an audition to a Swedish theatre show. Bach, some extreme metal and a wedding march composed by me and at the end a piece by Joe Satriani.